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Middle East 2.0 Forum

A Community of Israeli and Palestinian Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders


The “ME 2.0 Forum” (Middle East 2.0 Palestinian-Israeli Business Leaders Forum) is a community of Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs and business leaders. The community provides an opportunity to meet, network, exchange thoughts and best practices with key actors in the business community and political arena.

The main goal of the community is to serve as a strong, value-based, growing community for building lasting relationships between Palestinian and Israeli business leaders that will transpire into partnerships, joint-ventures, and friendships.



The community meets once every 5-6 weeks online or in person and hosts different speakers. The members also get a chance to present their work and share their professional dilemmas and challenges with each other, thus developing their network and opening new business opportunities.

During the year, the community members participate in field trips and overnight seminars in different locations. They enjoy this quality time to get to know each other, train in capacity workshops and learn from experts about society, environment, economics, and politics of the region.


Member's Benefits

Network with local and international professionals

Get to know new like-minded people and build friendships

Learn knowledge about economic and social-political aspects of the conflict

Acquire and improve your business skills: negotiation, public speaking, creative thinking, and more

Enjoy exclusive weekend seminars and study tours

Contribute to regional economic development

Join FNF Alumni

ME on the Media

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